We build a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship within our communities via environmental care and social respect to promote local economic development and prosperity to achieve sustainability. We keep close contact with the local residents and organizations to reach out when needed. We take pride in providing our company products and funding for any good cause. We are always active with the local events, temple celebrations, school activities, community development gathering events, assisting the disadvantaged groups, and other charitable activities. An effort to give back to society, we hope to create social prosperity. 


Free Hypochlorous Acid Water for local communities

The pandemic has caused a shortage of the disinfectant products. As part of the preventive measures starting in April 2020, we made homemade hypochlorous acid water available at our security office in Shalu plant for local residents and employees.


Appreciation for the Healthcare workers

In 2020, the frontline health workers in Taiwan battled against Covid-19 as they put their lives at risks to ensure the general public were free from the threat of pandemic. We not only wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and dedication, we also should obey by the preventive measure policies. Together as a team, we could tackle Covid-19 and, hopefully, return back to our normal life.

We stood behind our local hospitals, Tung Metro Harbor Hospital and Kuang Tien General Hospital, as we are all located along the coastal line. We donated our company manufactured nutritional snacks, healthpreserving chicken essence, and other food products to these hard-working frontline medical workers to replenish their energy. Also, to thank them for their dedication.


Fundraising Event to cheer on the Healthcare workers

The companies in central Taiwan are full of love. They raised funds to show the appreciation and to cheer on the healthcare workers. We donated NT$ 500,000.The fund awarding ceremony was presented by the vice president of the Legislative Yuan and the government officials to ten hospitals in central Taiwan.


Adopt and beautify vacant lot

As part of the neighborly effort, we cooperated with Taichung City’s beautifying vacant land project. We adopted 1,215 square meters of vacant lot in the Xialiao section of Wuqi District, Taichung City. We planted trees to beautify the environment and maintained the lot regularly.


Mazu Pilgrimage Activity

Due to Covid-19, 2020 Mazu Pilgrimage took place later than usual. As a safety precaution, we only provided easy-to-eat snack pack to prevent contamination to ensure the followers able to replenish their energy and safely participate this religious ritual.


Winter Charity Volunteer Service

For 14 consecutive years, we participated in Huichung Temple Winter Charity Event. We not only offered cooking oil, our volunteers assisted in handing out winter necessities for the less fortunate people. Reaching out and connecting with people.


Other communities’ charitable events

We donated funds and material goods to Shalu District Office, temples and schools in the Shalu & Wuqi Districts, Hsin An Community Development Association of Shalu District, Doedi Community Development Association, Neighborhood Watch, Hsin Ren Community Longevity Club, China Youth Corps Shalu Division, Taichung City Police Association, Taichung Port Judo, Taichung City Recycle Volunteers, Taichung Visually Impaired School, Shih Fang Social Enterprise, Women Empowerment Association, Tien Ren Love Charitable Organization, Liang Jee Charitable Organization, Daijia Dai Tao Temple, Group Love Charitable Organization, Port Dragon Charitable Organization, Taichung Ling Shang Temple, and Yuanli Town.



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