6th Annual Cerear Table Tennis Tournament

To advocate the importance to exercise, in 2020, along with Education Bureau of Taichung City Government, we continue to host Cerear Table Tennis Tournament. The Tournament was held at the Wuqi District Chung Gang Senior High School Gymnasium. The participants came from 24 elementary schools spread over in seven counties and cities, a total of 65 teams with 547 people. The tournament event continued to grow in size, and competition was fierce as the event stirred interest among grade school children.

Preventive measures were taken on the day of the event. Strict enforcement implemented: requiring all people to wear masks, using infrared thermometer to monitor body temperature, and disinfecting hands with sanitizer spray to provide a safe venue for all participants and the guests.

We also offered refreshments to keep the participants energized, the Cerear grain products and Charming Food meat products. Prize money, certificates, and prizes were awarded to participants; not just the winning teams but everyone went home with loads of prizes.


Sponsor“Lets go picnic, fur kids”

Taipei City Animal Protection Office organized the “2020 Let’s go picnic, fur kids” event. There were all sorts of activities that included the pet information session and prize-winning interactive games. This allowed the pet owners to gain a deeper understanding of pet care and animal welfare. We were honored to participate and sponsor the event with pet food and nutritious tasty snack.


Adopt school lawn at Kaohsiung City Qiaotou Elementary School

To promote neighborliness and fulfill our social responsibilities, the Kaohsiung plant adopted the school lawn at the Qiaotou Elementary School. We were cash sponsors, but we also maintain the school lawn regularly.


Sponsor Double Ninth Festival at Taipei City Yongkang community

Taipei City Yongkang community organized “Yongkang celebrates Double Ninth Festival, Happy Life and Active Living Event”, inviting all elders to be outdoors, play games, watch performances, receive gifts, and enjoy a happy holiday. We participated in this meaningful event as cash sponsors as well as offering company products as event favors.


2020 Future Parenting Learning Platform Picnic Day

New Taipei City and Future Parent Learning Platform organized a picnic day to include happy food education sessions, parent-child food education classes, and food education carnivals at New Taipei Metropolitan Park. We actively participated and sponsored the event in the form of offering our products as sign-up bonus for registered families. To encourage participation and enhance parent-child relationship but, most importantly, spend happy and quality time together.



Other Sponsored Events and Activities

In 2020, we made donations and provided supplies to the following charitable associations: Andrew Charity Association, Taiwan People’s Food Bank Association, Taichung City Blessings & Care Association, Taiwan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Taiwan Grain Industry Association, Chinese Cross-straits Animal and Veterinary Industry Interchange Association, G. L. S. F., Fo Guang Shan Compassion Foundation, Pingtung Christian Bethany Home, Fwusow Foundation, Hua Lian Sport Development Foundation, Kaohsiung City Miao Fa Tzu Yin Association, and DZS Organization.



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