Stakeholders Questionnaire

Very ImportantFairly ImportantImportantSlightly ImportantNot at all important
Governance(The formation & operation of Board of directors and important functional task committee members; disclosure of shareholding of board members; the aspects of economic, environmental & social affecting the decision-making & strategies )
Ethics & Integrity(Organizational ethics and integrity including whistleblowing mechanism)
Operating Financial Performance(Consistent and sustained profits; goal to improve operating performance )
Risk Management(Risk management in the aspects of economic, environmental & social in all business units and control responses)
Company Image(Standard compensation for entry-level workers; senior executive manager)
Indirect Economic Impacts(Impact to local economy (positive or negative) via company’s community service and participation)
Product Quality/ Technology R&D(Invest in product innovation & R&D)
Customer Relations(Offer customer service via on-site visits & cordial interactions)
Regulations & Compliance(Comply with laws in the aspects of corporate governance, labor, human rights, social, environmental and products)
Supply Chain Management(Compliance to environmental protection laws, economic and social regulations including food safety, quality and human rights)
Very ImportantFairly ImportantImportantSlightly ImportantNot at all important
Environmental Policy/ Management System(Improve and increase the efficiency of environmental management)
Environmental assessment/ recourse mechanism(Prevention & corrective action plans toward violations)
Greenhouse Gas Emissions(Quantitative measure of GHG emission, verification & disclosure; reduce GHG emission strategies)
Energy Consumptions and Management(Quantitative measure of energy consumptions; implementation of energy conservation )
Water Stewardship and waste water management.(Quantitative measure of water usage and reclamation; wastewater treatment & water discharge)
Air Pollutants(Reduce the emission of various air pollutants)
Raw material & renewable material(The use of raw materials, packing materials & renewable materials)
Waste management(Reduce waste disposal/ recycle)
Transportation(Carbon emission from the procurement of raw material & sale of products, and employees commute)
Carbon Footprint Products(Carbon footprint products; quantitative verification; reduce carbon outputs)
Very ImportantFairly ImportantImportantSlightly ImportantNot at all important
Occupational Health and Safety Management(Eliminate hidden work hazards and care for employees’ health to provide a safe and healthy work environment)
Gender Equality(Prevent and prohibit sexual harassment; maternity leave & parental leave; and equal pay)
Employee Benefits and Compensations(All kinds of employee benefits and compensations)
Labor Relations(Employee compensation, communication channels and satisfaction)
Labor Practice & Rights(Labor rights protections (non-discriminations, freedom & human rights); forbid child labor or coerced labor; & increase employee diversification)
Talents Recruitment and Retention(Employee turnover rate; performance evaluation; compensation & bonus plan)
Career development and education training(Educational training and career planning; performance evaluation; and retirement management)
Product and service responsibility(Ensure and offer safe and quality products to the consumers)
Community Involvement and Society Charity(Charity events participation (including subsidizing the events); community services; funds & material donations )
Customer Privacy(Protection of customer privacy & confidentiality)
Marketing Responsibility(Customer service & we stand behind our products)

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