We based on the GRI Standards to conduct the process of identifying and analyzing material issues that are of great concerns to our stakeholders. We collected 31 issues of concerns. We distributed the questionnaires to our stakeholders to evaluate how these topics impact them. Each material issue is given a 7-point scale with 1 as least impact and 7 as greatest impact. In 2019, a total of 180 surveys were given out and received 162 responses, a 90% return rate.


Identify 19 categories of stakeholders relevant to the company, CSR task force based on「AA1000 SES」5 principles to evaluate and prioritize the top 8 stakeholders.
In accordance to food processing sector supplement of GRI Standards, referencing to the 17 SDGs, categorized a list of 31 issues of concern as the CSR questionnaire/survey.
Use questionnaires to analyze how significantly our business operation impacted economic, environmental & social perspectives (x-axis) and how the assessments & decisions influenced the stakeholders (y-axis); area of high level of concern (>5.5) treated as material topics, 13 material topics made the list. Compared to 2018, animal welfare did not make the list of material topics as we practice animal welfare and humane treatment for many years as part of our general policy.
CSR committee members based on the material topics to conduct data collection, compiling and disclosing material information in the CSR report to meet and respond to the stakeholders’ expectations. In addition, we engaged KPMG to perform limited assurance for the CSR report, presented to the Board of Directors, uploaded to our company website, csr link and






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