The food industry is closely related to our daily life. We practice “Integrity and Honesty” as the core values to meet the expectations of consumers, provide food safety, create a friendly environment and promote public welfare as our priorities in our business operations.

Looking back in 2020, as we came to cross our 100th anniversary, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and impacted all aspects of our lives. Every country experienced an accelerated economic downturn, and Taiwan was no exception. Our company business operation was affected as well so we adopted all the necessary preventive measures as Taiwan also rolled out the crucial policy in the prevention and control of COVID-19.Our company was able to operate as usual without any disruptions from the pandemic. It was a year full of uncertainties and unknowns. With the COVID-19 crisis, fundamental changes in the market and consumer behavior were knocking companies off balance. Face masks, social distancing, minimal gatherings, lockdowns, remote learning, and stay-at-home economy were all part of the 2020 daily lives globally. As inconvenient as it was, pandemic will reach the end, but until then, we need to develop a rapid response to address current disruptions and to repurpose for the post-COVID era.

The pandemic triggered a thriving stay-at-home economy. In the past, B2B is Fwusow Industry’s primary business model. Besides the designated distribution channels, our products are not easily accessible to the general public. To address this issue, in recent years, we established a “B2C Office” to re-evaluate and revitalize our products through e-commerce and various marketing channels, hoping to meet the consumers’ expectations and bringing us closer to the consumers’ needs. The addition of the “B2C Office” and the smart manufacturing of AI were our major business transformation for the past few years.

“Green Business for Sustainable Development” is our vision. To further reinforce our environmental protection policy, we obtained accreditation via SGS for ISO 50001, Energy management system, and ISO 14064-1, Greenhouse Gas ‒ quantifying emission and removals, to monitor energy usage flow and major energy consumption equipment to establish energy performance indicators. Sustainable development and environmental protection are our ambitions. In addition, we practice circular economy and create a food and agricultural circular economy system with a mature level of process. Through our circular economy model, we can reduce waste and carbon emissions. We also promote carbon label products and practice sustainability in caring for the ecology.

Moreover, the impacts and risks of global warming are significant issues that companies face and need to respond to transform. Reducing the environmental impacts and promoting the sustainable development of the company are our driving forces. Furthermore, we continue to learn new knowledge and form strategic alliances with universities and other companies. In 2020, Fwusow Industry received numerous awards and recognitions, which included 17th annual Taiwan Golden Root Award and Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability (TCSA) “2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” ‒ Silver. Through the effective and continuous efforts, Fwusow Industry would be an eco-friendly and sustainable company.


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