Since 2014, Fwusow Industry Co. Ltd. (Fwusow Industry) continues to issue corporate social responsibility, CSR, report. The 2020 report is the seventh CSR report issued by Fwusow Industry which include these five main topics:“Sustainable Corporation with Integrity”,“Modern Connection in Food Safety”,“Recycle, Reuse & Go Green”,“Charity Involvement and Local Community Engagements”, and “Friendly and Harmonious Workplace”. Through this annual report, we disclose the actions that we had taken, the outcomes, and the performances in regards to environment, social, corporate governance (ESG) to the stakeholders and those who are interested in the company development.

At the same time, the CSR report can be found on our CSR website. We hope through the CSR disclosures, the transparency in website links, and contact information that the public can witness our commitment and determination to create a sustainable business.


Report Data and Period

This report details Fwusow Industry CSR performance for the 2020 calendar year (January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020). Financial disclosures are in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRSs. The financial data in this report attested by an accounting firm, Solomon & Co., CPAs. Fwusow Industry, subsidiaries, Fwusow Hsin Industry known as Fwusow Hsin and Charming Food as Charming Food, have been incorporated into this report for the sustainable performance disclosures and there were no significant changes during this reporting period nor affect the content. All the relevant data reported in this 2020 CSR report followed the international standard guidelines, and if there were any estimation, it would be noted accordingly in the related sections.


Report Scope

(1) Edit and Compile

This CSR report is a collaborative work of the CSR committee members from the general manager office, finance department, secretary office, management department, human resource department, sourcing department, research and development department, production groups, and the employees from Fwusow Hsin and Charming Food. After the completion of the initial draft, CSR team leaders further reviewed and finalized the draft. The CSR report is then certified by an accredited third party; after certification, the CSR report is published and presented to the Board of Directors and uploaded to the company CSR website.

(2) Guidelines and Structure for the Report

This report is published in accordance with the standards set forth in Global Reporting Initiative (GRI):the core options of GRI Standards; in addition, Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing the Preparation and Filing of Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Food Processing Sector Supplement as well as the SDGS were used to structure the sustainable strategy, goals and management guidelines.


Third Party Limited Assurance

We engaged KPMG Taiwan to provide limited assurance for this report in accordance with the Republic of China Standard on Assurance Engagements Bulletin No. 1 Assurance Engagement Other than Audits or Reviews of Historical Financial Information. Please refer to appendix for the Limited Assurance Report.


Contact Us

Your valuable opinion is our driving force and motivation to continue to improve. Please contact us if there’s any questions or suggestions. You can reach us via the following methods:

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The contents of this English CSR report were translated directly from our Chinese CSR report. If there are any conflicts between the English version and the Chinese version or any discrepancy in the interpretation of the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.



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