CSR Implementation Committee is a cross-departmental task force with our chairman acting as the convener. The committee consists of 6 teams: Sustainable Operational Integration, Sustainable Environment, Social Charity, Sustainable Supply Chain, Product Quality and Safety, and Employee Care. In accordance with the “Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct”, the committee draws up guidelines and policies relating to the issues in economic, social and environmental aspects and supplements SDGS to structure managing guidelines toward sustainable operations and fulfilling corporate responsibility.

These teams are responsible for collecting and compiling the CSR report making sure that we respond to the stakeholders in the material issues that are of importance to them, report the CSR performance, develop sustainable strategies, and goals and assess the actions. The plans and performances are regularly presented to the Board of Directors. At the same time, electronic copy of CSR is uploaded to our CSR website and company websites. In 2020, the CSR Implementation Committee had 6 meetings.

 To provide a comprehensive CSR report, we periodically attend training seminars to learn about corporate sustainable management, sustainable supply chain, environmental standards, and greenhouse gases. One of our team members completed the TCSA Corporate Sustainability Training Workshop for TCSA Judges, passed the online CSR skills and online reportage evaluation test, and obtained a certificate of training completion. Through the course training, we improve the CSR compilation ability, and also re-examine and adjust the sustainable management strategy and goals to make the CSR report better.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, most of the courses were offered online. In 2020, we attended 6 corporate sustainable development education and awareness events, a total of 97 training hours, and that was a decrease of 39.5%, 160.5 hours, compared to 2019.

We continue to improve the CSR compilation ability and execute each aspect of CSR related issues. In 2020, received Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)‒Silver & received 17th annual Taiwan Golden Root Award. Receiving recognitions is our driving force and motivation for continuous improvement.



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