We strictly monitor the feeding management of broilers, layer hens, black pigs, including the animals from the contract farmers, to ensure the quality and source of chickens, and increase the traceability and transparency of products.

Through contract farming, we increase the supply of broiler chicken. In 2019, 21 broiler chicken farms certified under the group’s traceable agricultural products verifi cation and 6 broiler chicken farms received single certifi cation. The broiler chickens were slaughtered at Charming Food. In 2019, Charming Food also obtained the broiler chicken slaughtering and cutting traceable product certification, which allows for the transparent traceability from the source, feeding, electric slaughtering, and sale of white meat chicken products, a vertical integration of the supply chain. With air-chilled technology and detailed production records, a true implementation of traceability, from farm to table, offers peace of mind to the consumers.

Our farm adheres to the practice of no drug additives in the feeds, provides highly nutritious pastures, and allows for freely grazing, ensuring quality eggs and meat products. We obtained traceable agricultural product certifi cation for eggs and meat products since 2015.


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