In response to the government’s eco-friendly farming, sustainable environment, and agricultural innovation programs, we have cooperated with the Agriculture and Food Agency for many years in sourcing locally grown grains for production. Not only do we have fresh and safe raw material but also can we reduce carbon emissions and build consumers’ confidence.

We constructed a circular agri-food economy business model, and we are the first food manufacturing company to be certified of the SGS「BS 8001:2017」with optimizing business model maturity in 2018. Bearing green business in mind, we will continue to expand and gear our business units toward the practice of circular economy; with boiler farm expansion and increase of organic fertilizer, we hope to achieve a sustainable Fwusow Industry in the future.



2,591.5 tons of spent mushroom compost and 4,549.2 tons of chicken manure were acquired and processed to produce organic fertilizer products of which sold 7,636,3 tons in 2019. We are increasing the amount of spent compost and recyclable waste products each year.


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