Our ecological farm serves as a comprehensive commercial, and experimental farm, located in Chung Liao Village, in Nantou, with an area approximately 40 hectares. With humane treatment and animal welfare practices in mind, our animals have access to the outdoors, plenty of sunshine and clean water, pasture, the opportunity to express their natural behaviors, and healthful feed. All the conditions are better than traditional farming and ranching, and, meet and above the government regulations. Furthermore, we established and certified for the traceable agricultural product management system to implement sustainable business concept. 


To prevent bird flu and African swine fever epidemics, we adopt multiple preventive and disinfection measures toward our employees, the vehicles, and the farm houses to ensure that we provide safe and high-quality meat and eggs.

Our ecological farm has dual verifications in animal welfare standard and animal friendly product in addition to the traceable product certification. We are in the process of renovating our farm houses to provide our pigs with better living quarters and improve their reproductive performance.  





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