Our ecological farm, located in Chung Liao Village, in Nantou, serves as a comprehensive commercial, and experimental farm, with an area approximately 44 hectares. The remote location allows a natural barrier which not only reduces the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens from the outside world but also provides a comfortable and spacious breeding environment. Our animals have access to plenty of sunshine, the great outdoors, and the opportunity to express their natural behaviors.



In addition to providing a natural grazing environment, we also focus on the biological preventive measures, and animal dietary needs. All personnel and vehicles entering and exiting the ecological farm go through multiple disinfection and sterilization steps to reduce the sources of contamination. Further to allow us to minimize the frequency of drug use in our livestock and poultry, and to ensure natural, healthy, and non-contamination raising concept. Moreover, with the animal dietary needs, depending on the growth stage nutritional needs, we serve our pigs with the company produced feed and with setaria viridis to ensure that our pigs are properly raised.


At Fwusow Ecology farm, the raising conditions are better than traditional farming and ranching, and, meet the government regulations. Furthermore, we established and are certified for the traceable agricultural product management system. Our ecological farm has dual verifications in animal welfare standard and animal friendly product. We are in the process of renovating our farm houses to provide our pigs with better living quarters and improve their reproductive performance.




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