The product category rules of “Aquatic Animal Processed Food” version 1.0 that we formulated had expired. Collaborating with Environmental Protection Administration, EPA, we revised “Aquatic Animal Processed Food”, and released version 2.0, which became effective in January 2019, to provide reference for industry use.

The effective use period for the Certificate of the Use of Product Carbon-Footprint Label for sesame oil products was about to expire. After collecting and compiling the relevant data via SGS certification, the renewable applications were submitted to EPA, which were approved for the extension of the Use of Product Carbon-Footprint Label in two of the sesame oil products in late December of 2019.

As of 2019, with the collaboration of EPA, we formulated three product category rules in the area of sesame oil, dried flakes of bonito and mackerel and pet food, and, of which 22 products obtained the Carbon-Footprint labels.



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