The extreme weather such as the flood and drought in 2020 impacted our daily lives greatly. To mitigate the effects of climate change, we implement the energy management policy with corresponding action plans. In 2020, the Taichung Harbor Plant obtained the ISO-50001 energy management system certification, and Shalu Plant obtained the ISO-14064 greenhouse gas quantification verification. Both of the ISO-50001 certification and the verification of greenhouse gas quantification were accredited by SGS. We diligently practice environmental conservation to minimize emission and continue with carbon reduction to become a green enterprise. The greenhouse gas emission intensity was 1.97kg CO2/NT$ thousand in 2020 in comparison to 2.1kg CO2/ NT$ thousand in 2019, a drop of 6.6%, an effort toward sustainable corporation.


65.04% of our greenhouse gas emission was from the purchased electricity. We will continue to upgrade to high efficiency motors, expand solar panel installation, increase energy reuse ratio, and practice ISO 50001 Energy Management System to reduce electricity consumption.



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