Due to drastic climate changes in recent years, all countries recognize such impact significantly influence human beings. Doing our part in conserving energy and protecting environment, we actively integrate the resources and promote various energy-saving programs to improve energy efficiency and to mitigate the rate of increase in greenhouse gas and temperature. In addition, we verify greenhouse gas emissions and continue to reduce carbon dioxide. Through all these actions, we hope our efforts will contribute toward sustainable development for the world.

ISO 14064-1: 2006 Greenhouse Gas Certification

Through greenhouse gas inspection and certification, we gained a thorough understanding on greenhouse gas emission generated from our production, further allowed us to take appropriate measures to reduce the environmental impact. Taichung Harbor plant collected and tallied greenhouse gas, energy indirect gas emission levels, and via SGS verification, we meet the requirement for ISO 14064-1:2006 for two consecutive years, 2018 & 2019.    



65.18% of greenhouse gas emission was from the purchased electricity. We will continue to implement and improve air compressor energy saving system, upgrade to high efficiency motors, expand solar panel installation, increase energy reuse ratio, and ensure ISO 50001 Energy Management System practice to reduce electricity consumption.



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