In accordance to “Waste Disposal Act Enforcement Act”, all of the waste generated from our plants are processed and categorized on-site first. Then the waste management company would transport the waste and submit the related information to Solid Waste Export Report System accordingly. From time to time, we would trail the waste management truck to ensure proper disposal.


In 2019, we reclaimed 314.84 tons from total waste as useful resources. While 124.98 tons of the total waste, including sludge, plant-based pulps and household garbage, could not be reused and of which disposed by the waste management company.






Hazardous waste generated from chemistry experiments mainly were potassium chromate, sodium cyanide, and potassium cyanide. At the end of 2019, there were 0.407 kg of potassium chromate, 0.257 kg of sodium cyanide and 0.481 kg of potassium cyanide at our plant.

Lukang plant disposed 3.993 kg of potassium chromate via waste transport and completed the disposal process at Chang Bin Industrial Waste Incineration Plant in December 2019. Lukang plant no longer use potassium chromate. Shalu plant disposed 0.025kg of potassium chromate and 0.1 kg of sodium cyanide at National Cheng Kung University Environment Research Management Recycle Center in June 2019.



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