We have wastewater treatment procedures, and we also implement maintenance processes. These operational standards are adjusted and updated in accordance to the laws and regulations for each plant location.

Treatment Methods:

Shalu plant: Wastewater generated during manufacturing are processed by the wastewater treatment center then discharged. We outsource an accredited agency to verify the contents of wastewater meet the regulatory standards of discharge.

Other plants and Charming Food: In accordance to the Industrial Park wastewater processing standards and discharge regulations, the treated wastewater then discharged to the wastewater treatment system of the Industrial Park.


In respect to the water resource reuse, in 2020, the reclamation and use of steam condensate at Shalu plant were 14,061 tons and 962 tons of the process cooling water. As compared to 2019, the reclamation and use of steam condensate were 10,140 tons and 556 tons of the process cooling water, increase of 38.7% and 73%, respectively. In 2020, Charming Food used 253,145 tons of water, and, reclaimed 34,447 tons of wastewater, a reclamation rate of 13.6%. Compared to the water consumption of 242,944 tons and reclaimed 36,828 tons in 2019, the reclamation useful rate was lower.



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