We use the natural gas-fired boilers for our manufacturing operation; therefore, no sulfur oxide air pollutants are generated. But, the particulate matter, PM, created from the production processes were collected and filtered by the cyclone separator before the discharge, and regular emission tests are carried out and monitored. In 2019, particulate matter emissions were 26.94 tons, which was a tremendous reduction of 53.3% when compared to 57.86 tons discharged in 2018. Nitrogen oxide, NOx,
emissions were 3.43 tons, and sulfur oxide, SOx, emissions were 0 tons. 




In 2019, 4 air pollution violations occurred. One of the incidents was the surrounding odor discharge did not meet the regulatory standards of odor emission, a fine of NT$30,000. The other three incidents involved with the malfunctions of preventive equipment which were not remediated in a timely matter; therefore, fined for NT$30,000. The preventive actions taken were purchase odor treatment equipment, a cost of NT$3.28 million, production process equipment upgrades, and the maintenance of cyclone separator, a cost of NT$840,000.


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