Energy consumption is a material topic for society. We realize the importance of eco-friendly environment; therefore, actively promoting the energy saving and carbon reduction plans, to increase and improve energy efficiency and reduce energy waste to achieve energy, water, and paper savings. In response to warming effects from climate change, we not only replaced all the lighting equipment to T5 and LED energy saving lamps but also purchased the high efficiency motor (IE3).
Moreover, we replaced some of the existing diesel fuel forklifts with the electric forklifts and also purchased an air compressor to reduce air pollution and improve the work environment. Furthermore, to ensure energy use control management, we plan to get ISO 50001 certifications for our other plants in 2020 to continue to reduce energy consumption.


Electricity is our main source of energy, and our total use of electricity in 2019 was 38,176 KWh (including Fwusow Hsin and Charming Food). The energy intensity for 2019 was 22.546 (GJ/ NT$million), in comparison to 25.723 (GJ/ NT$million) from 2018, a reduction of 12.35%.

We continued to replace the existing energy-consuming equipment at our plants in 2019. We also used the energy efficiency indicator to gauge our use of electricity and natural gas. Even though our annual production increased, energy consumption from each plant was still under control. The increase of the electricity use was due to the increase in the raising of the layer at Nantou Ecological farm and the addition of aquaculture farms.

Besides the use of electricity, we also use natural gas and diesel fuel. To reduce the environmental impact, we’ve replaced all of the existing boilers with natural gas-fired boilers, the total use of natural gas in 2019, 3,587 km3. The diesel fuel was mainly used for delivery trucks and forklifts. The use of diesel fuel for 2019 was 517.26 kL, in comparison to 581.1 kL from 2018, a reduction of 63.84kL, 10.99%, mainly due to the replacement of the existing diesel forklifts with the electric forklifts.







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