We understand the increasing impact of climate change on environmental sustainability. In response to the government’s energy conservation and carbon reduction policies and environmental protection, we introduced ISO 14064-1 to quantify the greenhouse gas inventory setting a benchmark for future carbon reduction and also expanded solar energy system and recycling of water resources.

Our tentative goal for the energy consumption reduction for 2021:annual electricity consumption to reduce by 1% or more (approximately 309 KWh), and in greenhouse gas emissions to reduce by 175 tCO2e or more. Looking at the solar energy system, we installed solar panels (320 KW) in our Taichung Harbor plant in 2020.Total of 2,764.043 KWh were generated from the solar panels in 2020 as compared to the generation in 2019 of 1,626.707 KWh, a substantial increase of 69.92%.

In regards to the 2020 reuse of steam condensate recovery, the reclamation used 14,061 tons, and carbon emission reduced 2,109.15 tons. Additionally, the use of the reclamation of process cooling water was 962 tons, which reduced 144.3 tons per year in carbon emission.





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