Creating a safe and friendly workplace is our purpose. Understanding current situations, identifying potential hazards, assessing risks, and abiding to the relevant regulations are the building blocks in setting an occupational safety and health management system. We continue to systematically improve the operating procedures and the working environment to reduce the potential hazards and employee exposures. Shalu plant and Taichung Harbor Plant successfully obtained ISO 45001: 2018 and CNS 45001: 2018 certifications in October 2019.


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Our occupational safety and health policy are as follow:

Obey the rules and regulations
Comply with all applicable safety and health regulations and other requirements.

Employee participation
Through the Safety and Health Committee, consultations and meetings to ensure that all employees and the representatives taken the time, and have accessible resources to be part of the occupational safety management system activities, and raising awareness of the importance and responsibility of occupational safety and health .

Risk Management
Continuous education and implementation of occupational safety and health management system to raise awareness for all employees to ensure a safe working environment. 

Continuous improvement
Continuous education and implementation of occupational safety and health management system to raise awareness for all employees to ensure a safe working environment.


The Occupational Safety and Health Committee meet once every three months in discussing all the safety and health related issues such as the implementation of training courses and the inspections of work environment. Through the inspections, the Committee would adopt different measures to promote health management, occupational hazard prevention, and all health activities & events.

Total work hours in 2019 were 1,020,792 hours. There were 9 occupational accidents: 2 incidents of caught in machinery happened while replacing and checking the equipment; 2 incidents of lacerations happened during operating and cleaning the equipment; 1 incident of muscle strain happened while moving load; 1 incident of falling happened during physical inventory count; 3 traffic accidents (not occupational-related hazards). All of the above accidents caused a loss of 197 workdays as they were categorized as temporary total disability. No accidents occurred for our independent contractors while contracted by our company.

In response to occupational accidents, we provided basic first aid to injured employees on the spot then seeked for emergency medical services to minimize the risk of further injury. We assessed the situation to evaluate and analyzed the causes of accidents. According to the laws, the injured employees receive compensations in wages, and medical expenses as well as emotional support to ensure they have proper care while injured. After identifying the causes of these accidents, we found that the key factor
contributing to these incidents was not abiding by the operating guidelines as prescribed. Therefore, education and training courses would be the focal point in the management of occupational safety and health. For the traffic accidents occurred to and from work, we off eredtraffi c safety education and training classes to improve and raise awareness among employees.





Workplace Safety and Health Forum and Disaster Prevention Technology Exhibition & Experience

W e cooperated with the Taichung City G o vernment in establishing a workplace safety health network. On October 9, 2019, we organized the “Taichung City Workplace Safety Health and Disaster Prevention Technology Exhibition and Experience Tour” at the Taichung Harbor Plant. Through the reiteration of hazard prevention, implementation of workplace safety and health education, we hope to get through to the participants the consequences relating to occupational accidents via mock drill experiences to achieve the goal of a safe workplace.
On December 20, 2019, we invited the firefighters of Fire Bureau of Taichung City Shalu Station to conduct fire prevention training course and fire drill. Training material included the types of fire, planning primary emergency escape route and contingency routes, fi re preventions, and the use of fire extinguishers. A hands-on experience of using a fi re extinguisher in putting out a fi re was demonstrated and practiced.


Occupational Health

Promoting a healthy and safe workplace, and safeguarding labor rights, we implement 7 policies in managing high frequency and risk of occupational illness, injury, and disability related to the workplace:

1.Resident nurse and contract occupational medicine physician
Medical care services with contract occupational medicine doctor and contract nurse were offered at Taichung Harbor plant in 2019 as Shalu plant already have such service.

2.Premium Annual Physical Examination & Preventive Measures for working environment with special conditions
To raise health awareness, we offer the premium annual physical examination to our employees, which was above and beyond the government regulations. For the employees at Taichung Harbor plant and Taichung Pet food plant, we off er physical examination designed for the food industry. We inspect and monitor working conditions and environment to ensure and provide preventive measures against occupational hazards.

3.Health Awareness Training Course
With Shalu District Health Bureau, we co-hosted a dietary nutrition seminar in July 2019, 26 employees attended the session in understanding the roles of nutrients play in the daily diet. In August 2019, smoking prevention workshop was offered, in discussing the impact of tobacco has on health, 26 people attended the awareness session.

4.Providing Onsite fl u shots service
For the health of our employees, we invited the Shalu District Health Bureau to our Shalu plant to administer fl u shots, a total of 73 people took advantage of the onsite service.

5.Occupational Hazard Prevention & Health Management
The contract occupational medicine physician conducted the consultation sessions with the high-risk cardiovascular groups and high incidence musculoskeletal groups. For the high risk pregnant employees, the contract physician performed site visits to ensure the conditions of the working environment. Furthermore, the
contract physician would provide interview sessions for the injured employees to evaluate if they can return back to work.

6.Promote First Aid Guide and Emergency Treatment Instructions with AED training sessions
At each of our plants, we stock AED, and we regularly offer training sessions to enhance first aid knowledge, 38 people participated.

7.All health related issues
We have a health awareness section in our Fwusow e-letter, which advocates and promotes all health related topics and issues. Employees could also find these information in our LINE group chat.



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