Providing a safe, comfortable and hygienic workplace while looking out for the well-being of our employees are important concerns for the companies. We have established a Safety and Health Committee to overlook occupational safety and health management system. The committee meets every quarter. The committee members include occupational safety personnel, department heads, engineers, technical personnel, resident nurse, and labor union representatives. They convene to discuss and implement the occupational safety and health policies, coordination and management of various educational training plans and the implementations, environmental plans and follow-ups, and health management and occupational disease prevention, and occupational accident investigation report, and assessment management performance.

To allow our employees to become more familiar with the operation of the occupational safety and health management system, we entrust consultants to provide relevant education training and perform site surveys such as hazard analysis and risk assessment, contractor management and change in management. Through drills and on-site training, our employees gain a deeper understanding of occupational safety and health; thus, we create a safer and healthier workplace.


Each year, we invite the firefighters of Fire Bureau of Taichung City Shalu Station to Shalu and Taichung Harbor plants to hold a fire prevention training course and conduct a fire drill. The training included learning about different types of fire, planning primary emergency escape route and contingency routes, fire preventions, and crisis management. A hands-on experience on how to put out a fire.

Work safety concerns and occupational accident prevention are important to us. We continue to reduce risk factors at our workplace, and we regularly conduct training workshops in occupational safety and health management. The training courses emphasized on the prevention of caught injuries due to the high occurrence rate.


Total work hours in 2020 were 1,017,936 hours. There were 7 occupational accidents:2 incidents of staircase slip and sprained injury; 1 incident of chemical burn; 1 incident of caught by the machine; 3 traffic accidents coming and leaving from work. The above accidents caused a loss of 124 workdays as temporary total disability. No accidents occurred to our independent contractors while contracted by our company. Our disabling frequency rate has dropped from 5.88 in 2019 to 2.71 in 2020, and the frequency severity indication also lowered from 0.80 in 2019 to 0.65 in 2020.

Responding to occupational accidents, we provide basic first aid to injured employees on the spot then seek for emergency medical services to minimize the risk of further injury. In compliance with the laws, the injured employees receive compensations in wages and medical expenses, and emotional support. We assess and evaluate the causes of accidents to prevent them from happening again in the future. We found that the key factor contributing to these incidents was that employees did not abide by the operating guidelines as prescribed. Therefore, education and training courses would be the focal point in the management of occupational safety and health. For the traffic accidents occurred to and from work, we provided traffic safety education and training courses to improve and raise awareness among employees.


Occupational Health

Promoting a healthy and safe workplace, we have a resident nurse and contract occupational medicine physician to provide on-site consultation in general health care, occupational disease prevention programs, and health awareness.

Managing high frequency and risk of occupational illness, injury, and disability related to the workplace:

1. Occupational Hazard Prevention & Health Management

The contract occupational medicine physician conducted the consultation sessions with the highrisk cardiovascular groups, and high incidence musculoskeletal groups and offered information on woman wellness.

A. High-risk cardiovascular group follow-up:Shalu plant‒11 people and Taichung Harbor plant‒1 person.

B. High incidence musculoskeletal group follow-up: 4 delivery drivers. At the same time, identifying potential hazards and risks questionnaires were issued, and the occupational medical doctor conducting face-to-face interviews to provide health guidance at these field visits.


2. Premium Annual Physical Examination

To raise health awareness, we offer the premium annual physical examination to our employees, which was above and beyond the government regulations. Shalu plant conducted the annual physical examination on September 28, 2020 and October 12, 2020; Taichung Harbor plant on December 2, 2020; Kaohsiung plant on April 22, 2020; Lukang plant on April 27, 2020; and Wugu Business Center on July 21, 2020.


3. Hazard Prevention and Control in the work environment

Both Shalu Plant and Taichung Harbor Plant perform work environment assessments each year to ensure that the noise, chemical fume of n-hexane, and the airborne dust exposures at certain parts of the operations are under accepted level. The Shalu Plant is inspected for noise and n-hexane exposure; the Taichung Harbor Plant is for noise, n-hexane, and airborne dust exposure; and, Lukang Plant is for noise exposure.


4. Health Awareness Activities

Employees participated in the Taichung City Council Walkathon Event


5. Providing On-site flu shots

We collaborated with Shalu District Health Bureau to administer flu shots at our Shalu plant, 75 people received the flu shot.



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