We recognize the importance of employee development, we offer various career functional continuous educational training programs to strengthen the employees’ skill levels and capabilities.


Management Skill Training Workshops

A. In 2020, we offered a “mid-level management skill workshop”. This workshop targeted the leadership abilities of our mid-level managers; over a span of 9 weeks, 54 hours; total of 42 employees.

B. To ensure that all departments have a clear understanding and work toward the company goals in unison, and to achieve and sustain company’s competitive edge. In 2020, we contracted Commerce Development Research Institute to organize the “Goal Strategies and Action Plans Workshop” to coach each business unit in planning growth strategies, and designing strategies to meet the short- and midterm goals. A total of 5 classes, 311 people participated in the workshop.


Occupational Safety Trainings

To enhance the safety and health awareness and to reduce occupational injuries among the employees, we regularly conduct regulations and policy information sessions. In May 2020, we provided on-site training for the forklift operators, 40 people received the training. In August 2020, Safety and Health Education and Trainings specified for First Aid Personnel class was offered; 28 participants, 100% passed rate and got certificates. Also, in August, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management system internal audit execution training was held; 37 participants, all qualified after the evaluation, and received the certificates.

In 2020, total internal training provided 4,113 employee hours; total off-site training provided 8,048 employee hours; total training expense of NT$2,614,961.



Recruitment Events

Due to Covid-19, all campus recruitment was cancelled. Therefore, besides the online recruitment, in November 2020, we were invited to Providence University to conduct an internship briefing and interview with potential candidates. In December, we held a keynote speech at The Department of Animal Science of National Taiwan University. We also provide opportunities for summer and semester internships and scholarships to students. We hope to allow the students to explore the future job markets and gain some insights and experience before diving into the real world of idealism vs reality. On the other hand, we also conducted worksite tours to allow the students to interact with our staff and understand the corporate environment, talent needs, industry trends, and reduce the gap between the students’ perception and the corporate workplace reality.



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