We provide various continuing education subsidy programs, sales and project performance bonuses, employee stock ownership trust, profit-sharing bonus, loyal and excellent employee recognitions, occupational safety conferences, and labor-management meetings, all of which are to strengthen labormanagement and create a harmonious atmosphere for a win-win situation. As we reached our 100th anniversary in 2020, on October 8, we celebrated this milestone at True Love Garden in Wuri District, Taichung City. Nearly a thousand guests, employee representatives, and retired employees attended the reception luncheon in sharing this 100 year accomplishment. During the party, long-term employees received praised and recognition for their dedication and contribution.

In regards to employee recruitment, selection, placement, performance evaluation, promotion, salary, educational training, and welfare measures, there would be no discrimination on gender, nationality, race, color, and political stance. Young workers under the age of 18 and child labor are strictly prohibited. No incidents related to labor, human rights, and discrimination occurred in 2020.

To prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and to properly handle related complaints, we have prevention and disciplinary measures. The “Sexual Harassment Complaint Investigation Committee” investigates all sexual harassment complaints. No complaints related to sexual harassment occurred in 2020.


Staff Care

At the end of 2020, Fwusow Industry employed total of 634 people; 586 native workers including 6 aborigines and 48 migrant workers. The male to female ratio was 74 to 26.







2020 Industrial Union Committee Operations

To improve industrial union committee operations, the annual member representative meeting and the quarterly supervisory board meetings are held each year. The main purposes of these meetings are to implement various work plans, evaluate employee benefits, and educate employee functions through multiple channels. Occupational safety, health management, and health services are some key subjects in addition to the negotiation and communication in labor management. The committee also promotes and participates in other related activities in recommending excellent employees to compete in external performance recognition to ensure a harmonious and interactive labor relations. A total of 2 meetings were held in 2020.12 people serve on the committee: 9 board of directors, and other 3 members act as managing supervisors and a convener, each with a four-year term.



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