Hoping to create a family-like work environment with harmonious labor relations, we provide a comfortable and welcoming workplace. In addition, safety, health management, and preventive occupational hazard implementation are all the proactive steps in taking care of our employees.

To further provide a harmonious workplace, we have all kinds of employee benefits programs including employee stock ownership trust, employee bonuses, product vouchers for the company mini mart, welfare goods, flexible work hours, premium annual physical check-up, onsite nurse and health consultation, physical fitness facility, and educational learning subsidies. All of which enable employees to feel appreciated and honored to be part of this big happy family.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought on some challenges for our human resources department. It faced with the potential possibilities of employees who may be infected and impacted by Covid-19.Providing adequate and proper information to our employees on protecting against Covid-19 was an important task for the human resources department in 2020.




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