The U. S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) is a certified aggregate approach audited by third parties that verifies sustainable soybean production at a national scale for U. S. farmers. The SSAP certification means production practices, control measures, regulations, audit procedures, and national recognition are to reduce soil erosion and increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to promote the development of sustainable farming. Narrow row spacing increases weed suppression and simultaneously decreases the reliance on herbicides which reduce soil contamination and emission.

In 2020, we purchased 90,026 tons of SSAP certified soybean, which was 32.74% of the total soybean purchased, 274,973 tons, for the year.



We purchased 1,680 tons of sustainable, non-genetically modified corn from the contract sustainable soybean farmers of Hensall for the domestic food processing companies.



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