Continue to source soybean from sustainable farmers in US and Canada T h e U.S. farmers practice the U.S. Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) as the SSAP certification means production practices, control measures, and regulations, audit procedures, and national recognition to reduce soil erosion and increase energy effi ciency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to promote the development of sustainable farming. Therefore, we will continue to support and buy soybean from these US SSAP certified farmers.

In 2019, we purchased 73,452 tons of SSAP certified soybean, which was 22.17% of the total soybean purchase, 331,230 tons.
In 2019, our Canadian soybean supplier, Hensall, added a co-op sustainability policy and required all of their contract farmers to participate and practice such policy to ensure a sustainable future. We purchased 1,500 tons of sustainable, non-genetically modified corn from Hensall, which we then sold to the domestic food processing companies.
For our product packaging, we continue to purchase paper boxes with FSC certification in response to sustainable sourcing. In 2019, we purchased 175,000 counts of FSC certifi ed food related paper boxes, which was 22.04% of the total paper box purchase, 794,043 counts.


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