The Council of Agriculture formulates the traceability verification system of agricultural products. The purpose is to make sure that there’s minimal environmental damage and ensuring the food safety of agricultural products. Through the transparency of farming and distribution channels, consumers know the source of the products at the time of purchase, in a way, it is a management system for sustainable development for a friendly environment.

In 2020, we purchased 3,500,000 kg of locally grown dent corn and 1,000kg of locally grown peanuts. Besides the procurement of traceable agricultural products, for many years now, we have been cooperating with the Council of Agriculture in sourcing locally grown non-genetically modified dent corn for our pet food production. As a result of proactively marketing and supporting the local farm business, we received awards and recognitions from National Farmers’ Association, R.O.C. , numerous times.



In 2020, we purchased 19,263,750 kg of local grown dent corn. In 2019, we purchased 18,684,250 kg, which was an increase of 579,500 kg, a growth of 3.1%.





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