Building a smart manufacturing operating system and gearing toward the goal of a sustainable business are our driving forces as we head into the industrial revolution 4.0. We planned a series of transformations and started with equipment upgrades. In 2018, we activated the automated logistic distribution center, which increases productivity and efficiency. Secondly, we set up the AI office and work with ITRI and III, spending tens of million dollars, over a span of 3 years, we will implement smart manufacturing technology and cloud based data management platform. With this as our mid-term goal in company transformation, we hope the digital operation modules would increase the added value to the food industry value chain. In the future, we will introduce smart manufacturing application analysis, strengthen the contribution of data analysis of further usable data to take our smart manufacturing and management to the next level.

In 2019, through the collaboration with ITRI, via IIot integration platform, our manufacturing process is providing real-time, and transparent data to our managers. It allows the decision-makers to apply these useful data strategically and effectively, which to improve our business operation.   



Cooking oil packaging lines follow a standard operating procedure and allow for transparency in product capacity

W e build a data transmission network which automatically collects real-time data; also, it allows for remote access to verify daily production amount. Via National IIoT PaaS, NIP, platform, we can track production status and be alerted on any abnormality which will improve our production processes and quality control including manufacturing capacity test, workflow adjustments to reach optimal inventory to meet market needs. NIP also optimizes the production lines to include 100% of the cooking oil products.

Smart Manufacturing for Oil Refining

Via National IIoT PaaS, NIP, platform, we can track and monitor production lines of oil refi ning which off er remote management in production control, the process parameter data, manufacturing processes digitalized to allow for traceable products, manpower reduction, and notetaking cost. The smart production lines include 100% of the refi ned oil products.


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