To improve our competitive edge, the AI framework foundation must build on safety and security. Therefore, in continuation with the pursuit of smart manufacturing transformation in phase 1, we activated phase 2 in 2020.Building around the concepts of smart monitoring and disaster prevention, product safety, protection of the life of people, transportation safety and plant safety are the focal points introduced at Shalu plant, Taichung Harbor plant, Nantou ecology farm and Xuejia plant.


Smart Image Monitoring Platform System

Addition of license plate recognition, smart device for the electronic fence, smoke and fire detection and prevention, abnormal disinfection monitor control (Nantou Ecology Farm).

Smart Monitoring and Disaster Prevention Platform System

Addition of smart fire detection, smart energy monitoring system, smart temperature monitor in the silos, and boiler operations AI monitoring.

All Plants Integration Platform

Vehicle and personnel identification and alarm management, disaster prevention monitoring in the plants, and the monitoring and warning management of production and material storage.

The above-mentioned smart monitoring and disaster prevention can provide real-time detection in our plants via AI technology. Through the exception tracking system, alerts are sent out immediately to achieve the effect of disaster prevention. At the same time, the tracking system accumulates the data source for the future big data analysis of smart manufacturing.


Taichung Harbor Plant Disaster Prevention Framework





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