Domestic rice flour contains excellent plant protein and balanced amino acids with great nutrient absorption; it is a hypoallergenic food material and a good raw material product. To support our local business and practice sustainability, we continue to use rice flour instead of corn flour to manufacture extrusion food products. In addition, rice flour improves the texture, increases bulk density of the extrusion products, and also enhances the tastes and crispness of the products. From 2018 to June 2020, we purchased close to 80 tons of domestic rice flour for the Cerear Grain product series. This product series is sold at 1,256 locations in Taiwan, and we are actively diversifying the applications of rice. In December 2020, we won the “Excellent Contribution Award for Domestic Rice and Grain Enterprises”, and the award was presented to us by Hu Zhongyi, Director of the Agriculture and Food Administration.


As part of our environmental protection policy, we continue to use plain containers to reduce ink usage. We use labels to affix to the plain containers, and as our sales volume increases, we are seeing a substantial saving in the use of ink. In 2020, we reduced 2000 kg in ink usage, which helped to lower the environmental impact.




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