Since 2018, in response to environmental issues and natural resource conservation, we no longer use containers with ink prints. Instead, all the food safety regulations information disclosures are now printed on labels which are then affixed to the plain containers to reduce ink usage and waste. This is a continuous process; in 2019, the use of plain containers is gradually increasing. Based on the calculations from our container supplier, we reduced 1,200 kg in ink usage, which helped to lower the environmental impact.


“Regulations of Food Allergen Labeling” shall be effective starting on July 1, 2020, which spells out that prepackaged food products containing 11 specific food allergens that could cause an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals shall be disclosed and labeled with the warning information on the container or the outer package. During our  product development in 2019, we proactively took action in labeling the food allergens on our product packages based on the product categories in accordance to the regulation to inform our consumers. Furthermore, in the application of locally grown crops, we launched a new product using Taiwan Purple sweet potato as the main  ingredient, the focal point, so the consumers can further learn about the Taiwan locally grown ingredients. In 2019, Fwusow Industry, Fwusow Hsin, and Charming Food had no violations in the food labelings and the descriptions of products.


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