Through the monthly gathering, and identifying relevant information, our food technicians compiled and forwarded the related requirements from government agencies, international agencies, and stakeholders, to our internal departments for discussion to meet not only the domestic regulations but also fulfill international standards. In 2019, Fwusow Industry, Fwusow Hsin, and Charming Food had no food safety and sanitation regulation violations.


In 2019, we adopted three domestic regulations to revise our existing policy accordingly; revised in the “Regulations Governing the Establishment of the Sanitation Control Personnel of Food Manufacturing Factory”, “Regulations Governing Criteria for the Label, Promotion and Advertisement of Foods and Food Products Identified as False, Exaggerated, Misleading or having Medical Efficacy” and the corresponding Q & A. Besides providing timely relevant information to the related departments for implementation, the food technicians also explained to the ISO implementation committee at the monthly meeting to clarify any questions in regards to the updated regulations. Moreover, the food technicians would make changes or revisions to the methods or standards as necessary. Up until December 2019, we had added and abolished a total of 121 food product regulations of which 100 domestic regulations and 21 international regulations, covering 100% of all our food products.

While implementing “Regulations Governing Traceability of Foods and Relevant Products”, we maintained or modified the product information on “Food Traceability Management Information System (Ftracebook)” based on the current situation and updates all daily product information but uploaded only once a month via ERP, covering 100% of the Taichung Harbor plant products: the refined vegetable oil, dried mackerel/bonito flakes, grain products, pressed vegetable oil, and barley products. In addition, we conducted annual internal Food Traceability Management which we randomly chose a product batch from every production line, and completed the traceability within 2 hours. Our random self-assessments 100% met the traceability requirements.

In 2019, Charming Food held 9 Food Safety Control meetings to discuss the procurement of all raw material, equipments, processing procedures, laws and regulations. A total of 43 laws and regulations were disclosed and adopted, covering 100% of the products. Charming Food conducts the product traceability inspection twice each year: randomly choose a product batch and complete its traceability and recall procedures which meet the traceability requirements 100%. Fwusow Hsin adopted 49 domestic laws and regulations in 2019.



In response to various and frequent external audits, we took proactive steps to improve and learn the less than perfect fi ndings that were pointed out in the audit reports. In addition to being able to examine the details that may be missed during the process, we can grasp a deeper understanding of food safety management and improve related management skills. In 2019, there were a total of 38 external audit sessions, including Taiwan FDA, the Health Bureau and SQF, FSSC 22000, TQF and other system verifi cations and Costco and other customer fi eld audits, all of which were able to meet various criteria. And the product traceability required for each inspection also meets 100% of traceability requirements.

In 2019, Charming Food was audited by Taiwan FDA, Agricultural Technology Research Institute, National Animal Industry Foundation (NAIF), SGS, K&K Food Ltd., Wowprime Corp, a total of 16 audit reviews and certifi cations, results were all satisfactory and met the requirements.    






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