Each food-related law and regulation has a tremendous implication on the health and rights of consumers; thus, as a food industry practitioner, we are committed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We have 3 food technicians stationed at the bonito, cooking oil, and processed meat production lines, covering 100% of the products. Each month, they are to gather and evaluate the related laws and regulations, based on the requirements issued from the international institutions and stakeholders, and relay the information to the relevant business units for implementation to ensure all food safety requirements are executed and that of the effective operation of the food safety control system. In 2020, Charming Food had a fined violation in the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, Food Labeling and Advertisement, Article 28 1, when it worked with an external advertising agency. To prevent from happening again in the future, an extensive communication will be conducted with the agencies. Fwusow Industry, and Fwusow Hsin had no food safety regulation violations nor food product label violations.

At the ISO Food Safety Implementation Committee monthly meeting, the food technicians explain the criteria in the collection and identification of food-related laws and regulations, inform the related business units of the changes in the applicable standards to carry out the necessary revisions. In 2020, we have adopted 5 new domestic regulations: amendments to the Health Food Control Act that “No food shall be labeled or advertised as health food unless it is registered as such in accordance with this act”; “Sanitation Standard for Microorganisms in Foods”; and 3 related regulations on the labeling of import pork from the United States. The laboratory also adopted 6 new guidelines, mainly related to TAF certification laboratory methods and regulations. As of December 2020, we adopted 200 domestic items (including 96 laboratory regulations) and 21 international regulations, a total of 221 food product regulations, covering 100% of all our food products.

Due to the regulation amendment in 2020, our barley product label was affected. Although it will not take effect until July 2021, we made the change to reflect the regulation amendment from “healthy barley” to “high-quality barley”. Regarding the revision of the “Sanitation Standard for Microorganisms in Foods”, we have successively adjusted the inspection items to meet the regulatory requirements before the effective date of July 1, 2021.As for the relevant provisions of imported pork, the raw material supplier shall provide the certificate of origin for future reference because we did not import it directly.

We updated all changes as they occur on FDA’s fadenbook platform. Also, we modified the product information changes on “Food Traceability Management Information System (Ftracebook)” daily but uploaded only once a month via ERP, covering 100% of the Taichung Harbor plant products. Each year, we conducted internal Food Traceability Management which we randomly chose a product batch from every production line: the refined vegetable oil, dried mackerel/bonito flakes, grain products, pressed vegetable oil, and barley products. The audit was completed within 2 hours as required by regulation. Charming Food also adopted random sample testing twice a year which were product recall drills; we met the traceability requirements at 100%.

In 2020, Charming Food held 12 Food Safety Control meetings to discuss the procurement of all raw material, equipment, processing procedures, laws and regulations. A total of 21 laws and regulations were disclosed and adopted. Fwusow Hsin adopted 49 applicable domestic laws and regulations.





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