Food Products Laboratory (at Fwusow Industry)

For all the analyzing processes, laboratory safety and management are crucial and critical. In 2019, the managing staff attended the “specific chemical substances” safety and health management training courses twice for a total of 12 hours and “organic solvent operations” once for a total of 6 hours to strengthen the knowledge of labor safety and health management in the laboratory. For the operations within the laboratory, the employees attended training courses for ISO/IEC 17025 system internal control (9  articipants) for a total of 18 hours to enhance the knowledge of internal control of ISO/IEC 17025 and allow for effective internal auditing.

The inspection and calibration verification is conducted annually for all the equipment in the laboratory to ensure accurate analysis and reading. There were 36 external and 58 internal calibration verifications completed in 2019. The trained and qualified employees performed the internal calibration verifications.




The operational expenses related to the laboratory were as follow: at our own laboratory, the inspection and analysis cost was NT$8,160,886, and, at a third-party laboratory, the inspection and analysis cost was NT$2,773,423, with the total expenditure of NT$10,934,309, 0.24% of the total food product revenue.





Food Products Laboratory (at Charming Food)

Inspection and analysis are critical and crucial for food manufacturing industry. Charming Food has a highly functional laboratory, and the lab technicians possess relevant knowledge and skills to perform all the chemical and microorganisms’ analyses and tests. In 2019, Charming Food participated in the “strengthen CAS meat product  romotion, certification management and traceability plan” offered by National Animal Industry Foundation (NAIF) and “2019 Laboratory Inspection Ability” conducted by
Food Industry Research and Development Institution (FIRDI) and the specific analysis testing include: Total bacteria count, E. coli (group), Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, all of the analysis results were of satisfactory.

For each batch of broilers before slaughter & production, they passed the testing of drug residues. In addition, we also performed a number of other voluntary analyses in our raw material and products for quality assurance to ensure food safety.





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