Source management for the food processing industry is the inspection and sample analysis of the incoming raw material upon arrival at the factory. We also implemented three additional features to further strengthen our laboratory which already met the criteria prescribed in the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation and testing abilities:


(1) new state of the art hardware equipment, an automatic colorimeter which would reduce human error and provide consistent and objective oil color and texture readings;

(2) continuous education for the employees and the ISO/IEC 17025 certification via TAF which should be approved sometime in 2020;

(3) updated the inspection and analysis methods based on “Method of Test for Pesticide Residues in Foods-Multiresidue Analysis (5)” under Taiwan FDA and met the standard set forth effective on January 1, 2020, of analyzing 380 items. We continue to contract with the Food Industry and Research and Development Institute and SGS Taiwan to provide objective and up-to-date analysis to ensure food safety.


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