Innovative Products

To offer other healthy and safe choices under Cerear brand, we actively develop other grain products, which are non- extrusion. Our research focuses on leisure food with children and senior citizens as our target consumers.

Rice Cracker Series

In 2020, we brought three new rice flour-based products to market: Japanese style teriyaki rice cracker, black sesame rice cracker, and cheese and egg rice cracker. We use 100% local grown rice, non-gluten, non-fried, and no additives (8 of them) targeted at the healthy, leisure food market, and they are also in compliance with the Clean Label regulations. Our Japanese style teriyaki rice cracker use naturally fermented black bean soy sauce, and the flavor is just right, a sweet and salty combo, it was recognized with the 6th annual GOOD award.


The New Style Granola Product

The new style granola product is an extension product from our fruit muesli. The lemon flavor, cocoa flavor, and fruit bar granola have 10 ingredients, including natural grains, dried fruits, and nuts, respectively. A Chinese saying, “the real 10 ingredients”, means that using only authentic ingredients. They are full of dietary fibers, convenient for consumption, and highly accepted among the younger buyers.


Level Up with Natural Ingredients

In 2020, we replaced cocoa butter substitutes with natural chocolate in our Cerear grain products. At the same time, we upgrade and adjust product formula to enhance flavor and achieve the use of natural ingredients and clean label trends.


Halal Products

Besides the Halal quality assurance committee, we asked our committee members to participate in Halal quality assurance training to expand our knowledge in the Halal market developments and trends. In 2020, we obtained 1 certified item in grain cereal and 39 items in vegetable oil.


Healthy and Tasty Food Products

In 2020, Charming Food launched chicken sausage, new tasty sous vide air-chilled chicken breast, golden smoked chicken that conforms to the no-additive concept, and other innovative new chicken products to the market. The chicken sausage contains only chicken as the raw material without other meat ingredients nor adding nitrite. Through an exclusive method, with natural monascus red pigment, the chicken sausage has the appearance and taste of traditional pork sausage, and it is a new and healthy choice. The new tasty “sous vide air-chilled chicken breast” is based on the concept of clean label food. Using only high-quality chicken breast and simple seasoning, the consumers can enjoy the natural flavor and texture of chicken. “Golden Smoked Chicken” uses the old-fashioned cane sugar smoking method with no other additives. The chicken skin has a caramel flavor and savory. It can be consumed after thawing. It is the top choice for the family dining table.


Additionally, Charming Food also developed quality, nutritious and healthy food to meet the expectation of the senior citizens. We selected four products to participate in the 2020 Fifth Senior Citizen Friendly Food Selection event including Rosemary Chicken Fillet, Classic Garlic Chicken Fillet, Good Food Chicken Essence, and Good Food Japanese Style Bonito Chicken Floss. All four products received recognitions for the Senior Citizen Friendly Food (Eatender) award.



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