Innovative Products

The consumer trends for the younger generation are whimsical, but this particular group has a high acceptable rate for new and innovative ideas and products.  Frequent flavor adjustments and modifications to our products are a must to meet our consumers’ expectations. In 2019, we developed two new Cerear products, Pearl Milk Tea flavored and Macha Latte flavored cereal, to bring innovation and delightfulness to our breakfast line. With healthy and nutritious products in mind, that no creamer, no sweetener additives, no artificial color, and no preservatives are added in these two products. Our products will follow the path of using more natural ingredients with no additives in the future. 


Convenient Products

In this busy world, to enrich our daily diet and meal choices, we need to prepare a wide variety of ingredients, and different spices are used in Chinese cuisine to kick up the flavors. To expedite the meal preparation process, we off er scallion oil, garlic oil, and ginger oil; combining the spices and the cooking oil in advance, a two-in-one concept, allows the consumers to cut down the preparation and cook time and also adds convenience to the cooking.    


Use of Natural Ingredients

In the recent years, the consumers’ perception of food and food products is returning to the natural ingredients trends. In 2019, we spent our resources in researching, testing, evaluating and tasting in sourcing a better and natural ‘chocolate’ to replace the traditional ‘cocoa butter substitutes’. This provides the Cerear product series to meet the consumers’ expectations in flavor and to achieve the natural ingredients and clean label trends. In 2020, this Cerear line of products will further be revamped with simple and natural ingredients.


Halal certified products

Muslim population exceeds 1.8 billion people worldwide; therefore, the demand for products with HALAL certification is ever growing. Besides the HALAL quality assurance committee, we asked our committee members to participate in 2019 Six-Nations Halal Industry Forum hosted by Bureau of Foreign Trade MOEA and Taiwan External Trade Development Council to expand our knowledge in the developments and requirements for Halal quality assurance. In 2019, we obtained the continuous HALAL certification; our certified HALAL products further included 1 item in grain cereal and 39 items in vegetable oil.



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