The food industry is a sustainable and conscientious business. We not only emphasize on food source management but also implement supplier evaluations and inspections to monitor and control our raw material quality. Through laboratory inspection skill reinforcement, good manufacturing practices, and food safety persistence, we produce sound and safe products.

As the industry’s characteristics, the raw material procurement and management become the foundation in our sustainable operations. Therefore, we not only purchase local high-quality material and agricultural products but also search for reliable, long-term overseas suppliers to work together towards sustainable procurement.

As the global awareness of food safety issues heightened, we actively strive to meet the international management standards and provide consumers with products that meet the international food safety specifications. At the same time, complying with the current laws and regulations, we focus our research in the development of nutritious and healthy products that are ready to eat and transparency in food labeling, hoping to meet consumer expectations. We continue to train and improve our employees in the domain knowledge of food safety management. Gaining a firm grasp of the raw material supply and production quality, tending to the environment, and constantly updating and tracking global trends will be the solid rock in maintaining our sustainable operation.






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