Providing healthy and safe products is an important element in our company’s mission and vision. Following the standards set in the food safety management system,  eginning with the raw material sourcing to factory onsite inspection to process monitoring to quality assurance to storage and distribution, all employees are fully trained in these areas to further improve their knowledge in food safety and to meet consumers’ expectations.

We adopt the same protocols for the sourcing management of the raw material, whether obtained locally or imported from foreign countries. We do onsite visits, supplier evaluations, and factory onsite inspections to minimize and prevent any potential risk that would jeopardize food safety. Upgrading our laboratory, it assists in procurement, production, research and development of precise use of raw material, manufacturing, and product quality. The concepts of nutrition, health, and convenience are integrated into our product development. We continue to work and improve the quality of all our products and adjust in response to regulation changes to provide transparent product information to the consumers.

While implementing the advanced international food safety management system, our employees continue to learn and master the new skill sets. Sustainability issues and environmental protection are our top concerns; therefore, from green procurement, smart manufacturing to low carbon emissions products are continuously practiced, and they are the foundations to ensure our sustainable operations.


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