• 公司治理

    Produce safe and nutritious food products is the utmost corporate social responsibility as the food manufacturing company. Meeting the consumer expectations, offering food safety, preserving environment and practicing charitable events are our operational focuses. Our century-old corporate culture earned us the trust and recognition from the consumers…


  • 環境永續

    Environmental sustainability is a part of the corporate social responsibility. We closely monitor the global trend of energy saving and carbon reduction, actively collaborate with professional organizations and participate in related environmental protection and waste reduction seminars. We continue to improve and review of any shortcomings, and environmental protection related issues…


  • 客戶服務

    Our state-of-the-art laboratory ensures product quality and safety through the inspections of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products...


  • 供應鏈管理

    Through on-site visits and evaluations of raw material suppliers, inspections of raw materials and finished products, product traceability and verifications, all are our efforts to produce high-quality products, to reduce food safety risks, and to allow the consumers to purchase with peace of mind.


  • 員工照顧

    Employees are our important partners toward sustainable company development. The employee development with complete education and training, and comprehensive benefits and welfare measures for the employees are of importance.


  • 社會參與

    The belief of “what you take from the society, you give back to the society” led to our continuous efforts in charity participation…



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